How to publish R markdown documents?

 How to publish R markdown documents?

R Markdown document is a document that weaves your writing along with your R code similar to that of Git Markdown file.

RPubs support you to publish the R Markdown documents on the web with just a click of a button.


RStudio, R Software, and knitr package

Steps to publish R markdown documents

1. Install the software R, R Studio, and knitr package

2. Open RStudio

3. Go to File -> New -> R Markdown and create a new R Markdown document


4. Customize your markdown document by creating either document (in either HTML, DOC or PDF formats), presentation (as either HTML-io slides, HTML-Slidy, or PDF-beamer formats), Shiny document (as HTML document with Shiny interactive components or Shiny presentation as IOSlides with interactive components) from a template of your choice

5. Enter details such as Title, Author

6. Click the Knit HTML button in the doc toolbar to weave your text with the R code and shows the preview of your document.

7. In the preview window, click the Publish button

By following all the steps correctly, your document will be posted to Rpubs



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