Five Myths About Link Building That Should End Up In 2019

 Five Myths About Link Building That Should End Up In 2019

With almost everything, myths lie that creates confusion in the minds of the people. Technology has advanced so much that newer ideas and tricks are being introduced in improving the online marketing service and SEO. Among various SEO tricks that are being used today, one most important is that of link building. But there are a number of myths that rotate around the actual fact of the link building method.

It is now being hoped by many of the experts that due to an immense rise in the online marketing demand, such myths are going to end up soon in the year of 2019. Here are some of the myths that can come to an end this year.

#1 Death Of The Links

This is an ongoing myth that many of the SEO people also have believed some time or the other that soon links are going to be dead and new technology is going to take its place. But it has now been many years since the myth started up, and the links are still the most eminent parts of the online operations. In fact, without the links, online operations are not thinkable at the moment.

#2 The NoFollow link Myth

Maximum of the SEO experts take NoFollow links as a waste of time and hence they do not rely upon them. Many experts believe that they are not capable of generating traffic for the website. But in fact, in recent research, some of the experts have proved that the NoFollow links may not bring in huge traffic, but it still does bring in a few that can be actually useful at times.

#3 Directory Links Of No More Use

In the startup days, blog comment links and directory links were an important part of the SEO technique.  But as the days passed on, with the introduction of some new techniques and elements, these techniques were being stated as old and waste. But research has said that directory links, forum links, and other similar links are capable of bringing in traffic that is of quite high quality.

#4 Rich Anchor Text

Keywords are important in any content of the website for SEO purpose. But this does not mean that you will focus the entire content on the anchor text in order to make it keyword rich. This is actually a myth that is being followed by many. In fact, the content should be informative, written in a flow and should have keywords integrated into it only at the right place.

#5 Linking To Wikipedia

This is again a myth that as Wikipedia does have a high amount of traffic, hence linking your website to Wikipedia can help you in getting traffic. Your website does not have any special attention even if it is linked to Wikipedia, if the basic rules of SEO are not followed.

So, these were some of the ongoing myths about link building that many of the SEO experts and other people have. Hopefully, it has been said that with passing time, these myths are slowly going away.



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