Why Agile ranks the best?

 Why Agile ranks the best?

Hope most of you know about Software Development methodologies. Though there are different software development methodologies, Agile seems to be the most suitable one among others. The reasons behind the Agile to be the top among others are listed as below:

#1 Flexibility

Flexibility is the greatest advantage of the Agile Model in Software Development. Software technologies are dynamic in their nature that frequently requires changes in the field. Agile suits to the scenario and comes to the rescue for the dynamic IT landscape.

#2 People-Centric Approach

Agile model requires interaction among the people. Communication is much important for Agile to implement in the organization. That’s the reason why Agile is adopted in major organizations irrespective of the size. A stand-up meeting is much required for implementing this model.

#3 Dynamic Environment

The dynamic environment in IT leads to the need for the flexible nature for Software development. Testing is carried out in the dynamic phase of software development. Agile model allows frequent changes in the development framework without affecting the business.

#4 Regular Inspection

The monitoring in Agile model leads to the best results with enhanced results in both quality and revenue. High-quality software is prepared by using this Agile approach. By this model, testing is made possible for each phase and even comfortable for developers to commit changes at each phase and improves the quality.

#5 Stakeholder Engagement

This model involves better engagement with the stakeholders and the resources. It improves the collaboration between the client and team members in the project. Miscommunication is prevented by this framework as stakeholders and resources are actively involved in the development to understand the apt requirements.

#6 Predictive results

By this Agile model, predictive results are obtained easily based on the planning, cost estimation, and transparency in the sprints. This approach leads to fix cost for each sprint in the planned duration.



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