What is Instructional Design Strategy in E-Learning Design?

 What is Instructional Design Strategy in E-Learning Design?

A strategy is a game plan or plan of action that involves performing a particular task. It implies the approach used to train or to teach, to attain the learning objectives of a course. With the advancements in E-Learning, instructional design strategies are widely applied in E-Learning design resulting in enrichment of both instruction and learning. The Instructional Design Strategies are carried out in the new environment similar to that of whiteboard or classroom environment. E-Learning programs are considered successful only if Instructional Design Strategies are applied appropriately during the development phase.

What is Instructional Design Strategy?

Instructional Design Strategy is a high-level plan that describes teaching a subject/course/module. It includes setting clear objectives, finding the actions to achieve these objectives, and utilizing different resources, tools, and devices to meet these objectives.

Types of Instructional Design Strategy

There are two types of instructional design strategy namely; instructional strategy and media strategy. These two strategies contribute to course effectiveness. It may include resources such as the presentation patterns, learning devices, course features, course structure, and media types utilized in the course.

Significance of Instructional Design Strategy

Interactive Sessions

An effective Instructional Design strategy helps you to captivate your online learners. A right Instructional Design strategy portrays the implementation of practical exercises such as quizzes, interactive elements such as selection, simulations, story boards, case studies, etc., to facilitate self-paced as well as result-oriented learning.

Innovative Approaches

No limitations or restrictions available in instructional design strategy. Each Instructional Designer will have unique strategy to design a course or a module. There are various ways available to attain the same learning objectives. Instructional Strategy is about opting the most effective strategy in a specific situation for a specific audience.

The following exhibit shows recommended type of strategies for suitable training types.

Walk-through Flipbook of Instructional Designing Strategy

[flipbook pdf= “https://technewsy.in/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Instructional-Design-Strategy-in-E-Learning-Design.pdf”]


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