Important Functions of a Flowchart

 Important Functions of a Flowchart

The flowchart describes a process in visual means with the use of several flowchart elements. Most commonly used flowchart symbols are Start, Process, Decision, Document, and Sub-Process. Connectors are used for representing the linkages between the flowchart elements. 
#1 Process – It denotes a step or process in the flowchart

Process Shape

#2 Decision – It denotes a point where the result of a decision leads the next step. There can be multiple results, but often there are just two either Yes or  No.

Decision with multiple conditions

#3 Terminal Points – Start/End – It denotes a point where the process starts or ends in the flowchart 

start shapes

#4 Document – It denotes a step that results in a document

Document shape

#5 Sub-Process – It denotes a process within another process or a step within another step



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