Ovhcloud Launches Quantum Computer and Provides Educational Support for the European Quantum Community

 Ovhcloud Launches Quantum Computer and Provides Educational Support for the European Quantum Community

OVHcloud, a European cloud provider, recently gathered the European Quantum ecosystem in Croix, France, to mark the launch of the first Quantum computer available from a European Cloud service provider. As Europe expresses a growing interest in leading innovation, retaining control over its future, and upholding its values, OVHcloud recognizes the importance of investing in cutting-edge solutions to support Europe’s strategic autonomy.

The event, attended by key figures such as Sylvie Retailleau, Minister of Higher Education and Research, Marina Ferrari, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, and Thomas Skordas, Deputy Director-General DG CNECT at the European Commission, celebrated the commissioning of the Quandela MosaiQ Quantum Computer at OVHcloud’s facilities. This indicates a glimpse into the future of innovation in Europe, utilizing local talents and technologies.

OVHcloud’s commitment to innovation led to the purchase of the Quandela Quantum computer in March 2023, supporting France’s “Choose French Tech” program and fostering a robust ecosystem of like-minded players. The MosaiQ system, delivered at the end of 2023, is one of the few Quantum computers currently available in the cloud.

Sylvie Retailleau praised OVHcloud’s acquisition of the MosaiQ quantum computer as a demonstration of strengthening digital sovereignty and supporting quantum research. The MosaiQ system, utilizing photonics principles, showcases the potential of Quantum technology in areas such as optimization, simulation, and security. This investment aims to advance European technologies and benefit industrial players in the future through Quantum computing.

Marina Ferrari highlighted the importance of cloud providers like OVHcloud in consolidating France’s position as a leader in quantum technologies. Quandela’s CEO, Niccolo Somaschi, expressed pride in the installation of their quantum computer in OVHcloud’s data centers, advancing quantum technologies in Europe.

OVHcloud also announced an educational program granting select students access to Quantum Computing through the Cloud. This initiative aims to develop talents and skillsets at a European level and contribute to the advancement of European software for new use cases and challenges.

Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud, emphasized their unwavering support for Quantum technology and their commitment to strengthening Europe’s strategic and technological autonomy. The arrival of the first Quantum Computer in their data center marks a significant step towards this goal.

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