Deloitte Unveils Suite of AI Service Offerings Built on NVIDIA Platforms

 Deloitte Unveils Suite of AI Service Offerings Built on NVIDIA Platforms

Deloitte has introduced the Quartz AI, a set of two cross-industry AI services that facilitate customers to leverage the transformative value of AI and solve critical business challenges such as launching innovative businesses, optimizing operations, and improving customer experiences. Built on the NVIDIA AI and NVIDIA Omniverse platforms, the solutions comprise Deloitte Compass AI for logistics and route optimization and Deloitte Frontline AI for retail, quick-service restaurants, and customer service. From ideation to operation, the Quartz suite provides strategic and customized accelerated AI solutions to help customers remain competitive amid the ever-changing AI landscape.

Deloitte has been named America’s Consulting Partner of the Year for 2023 in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN), acknowledged for its top-ranking AI consulting services and investment in its NVIDIA AI practice. Deloitte has been honored as an NPN Partner of the Year for the third consecutive year and works with NVIDIA to set the benchmark in the industry for client experience and operational efficiency. Each year, the NPN recognizes its partners who are driving AI computing solutions and advancing the success of artificial intelligence solutions.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by NVIDIA for our dedication to advance the AI market and our ability to deliver for our clients. Our new Quartz offerings serve as an exemplary model of the power of our collaboration and shared commitment to customer success,” said Nitin Mittal, Artificial Intelligence Strategic Growth Offering lead and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Building on Deloitte and NVIDIA’s long-standing relationship, the Quartz AI services reflect how we continue to push the needle forward with leading-edge capabilities for advanced AI applications.”

The Quartz suite combines Deloitte’s subject matter expertise with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software stack and NVIDIA Omniverse to facilitate customers in addressing critical business challenges and integrating AI into their corporate strategy. The two new offerings are:

  • Compass AI: Logistics solutions remain limited and expensive for companies looking to provide the best customer service with the lowest costs. Compass AI is an accelerated AI solution that enables dynamic fleet routing and dispatch optimization, facilitating faster delivery, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction. Empowered by the NVIDIA cuOpt route optimization software, Compass AI goes beyond change management and integrates AI directly into workflows that adapt to evolving dispatch and changing market expectations. With quick data processing and cost-effective scenario simulations, clients can witness tangible fleet and routing optimization moments after implementation.
  • Frontline AI: Frontline AI offers an intelligent, channel-agnostic human engagement mechanism that streamlines, measures, and addresses feedback. With conversational visual capabilities, Frontline AI serves as the ultimate virtual customer care representative, proficient in conversing in any language and providing a seamless, personalized experience that increases customer loyalty.

“Leaders across industries are seeking AI solutions that use the highest-performing, most energy-efficient solutions available, as well as the experience of trusted technology partners to help businesses quickly move from planning to deployment,” said Manuvir Das, vice president, Enterprise Computing, NVIDIA. “Built on NVIDIA platforms, Deloitte’s Quartz offerings help to provide its clients with the world’s most advanced AI technology and consulting services.”

Deloitte is expanding its AI capabilities with a new Generative AI practice, designed to help customers harness the power of Generative AI and Foundation Models.

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