AsyncAPI specification releases version 2.1.0

 AsyncAPI specification releases version 2.1.0

The specification that allows the standardization of event-based APIs becomes even more powerful. API plays a mandatory role in software product and service development. API plays a mandatory role in software product and service development. Therefore, technical Writers, Software Developers, Engineers focus more on API development.

AsyncAPI announces that it is releasing the new version of the specification. This new version allows a further step in the growth and stabilization of the specification. It is an important year for the project; a few months ago, the Linux Foundation welcomed it, and now essential features of the specification are being released.

AsyncAPI belongs to the Linux Foundation, and as a result, it has an open governance charter. Another new feature is the regular cadence established when releasing new versions (June, September, January, and April). This system allows developers to prepared upfront and shows a migration plan if needed.

AsyncAPI has developed a new contribution process: each contribution to the specification must have an associated change in the tooling. AsyncAPI is committed to delivering up-to-date tools along with each specification version. This way, all contributions become helpful immediately.

We strongly believe the developer experience must come first. Releasing a new version of the specification along with tooling support empowers developers to benefit from the
latest improvements immediately.

Fran Mendez, founder of the AsyncAPI Initiative

All official tools have been updated so that they’re still usable with the new version. Tooling updates include not only the official ones but also those coming from the community. Microcks, which announced support for the new AsyncAPI version just one day after the release is the case.

When dealing with API documentation, we first think about the information on the API structure but also quickly want to see examples. AsyncAPI 2.1.0 represents a major step for the community as we now have a formal definition of message examples. is very proud of its contribution to this purpose. It offers a world of perspectives in API lifecycle management while guaranteeing interoperability in the API open ecosystem.

Laurent Broudoux, founder of

For more details, check out this blog post.

About AsyncAPI
The initiative is an open-source specification that has developed an asynchronous messaging language within the event-driven architecture (EDA). This tool enables the standardization of machine-to-machine communication. The main aim of the project is to make asynchronous APIs are as successful and mature as REST APIs. This programming system covers a hitherto unexplored field. AsyncAPI is the fastest growing API specification, tripling in production usage from 2019 to 2020.



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