IT Optimization is Always Perpetual: Is it a Tsunami?

 IT Optimization is Always Perpetual: Is it a Tsunami?

IT Organizations are looking for optimization in their aspects such as cost, time, and target audience. But, dynamism in IT had resulted in transformation as a Tsunami that requires proper optimization. Due to the new market entrants, changes in the technologies, regulatory compliance, there is a great demand for IT Optimization. IT Optimization is a perpetual process, that never ends in this digital, dynamic world. Over the past 10 years, maybe IT organizations are optimized but, they may have faced the ‘Tsunami’ atleast once in their IT optimization.

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First Occurrence of Tsunami in IT Optimization

In the year of 2007, the first occurrence of Tsunami that leads to the optimization for costs. In Technologies, the businesses are driven by cost savings only. Technology-based solutions require trade-off for investments. Investments with cost savings yield greater efficiency. Sometimes, cost optimization in IT leads to less optimal outcomes. Organizations lead to siloed thinking due to this further resulting in the adoption of two different solutions for two different areas of the organizations.

Second Occurrence of Tsunami in IT Optimization

In the year of 2011, IT Organizations looked for the Tsunami wave of optimization for speed. Various IT firms had been developed to the extreme levels with their innovative concepts that achieved success by speed optimization. Numerous frameworks and approaches are implemented in IT that made them more flexible, agile, and responsive to the business objectives. But, most of the IT firms had not made the required investments in speed optimization instead committed to different activities and objectives. For instance, considering Agile for speed optimization or DevOps adoption for automation. In these cases, need to consider for IT support and how Agile will have impacts over other business functions. But, speed optimization, however, requires well-defined processes and enough time to implement in the organizations.

Third Occurrence of Tsunami in IT Optimization

The first and the second instances of Tsunami in IT Optimization lead to good results in the betterment of businesses with several numbers of positive results and internal process enhancements. Optimization for costs leads to optimization for speed, that further leads to optimization for consumers. For the past two years, the IT organizations focusing on optimization for the consumer such that they deliver the services with the best customer experience. This occurrence of Tsunami is not similar to that of the other two. It is completely different as it involves the customer perception. It is based on the usage of the technology from the consumer’s perspective. As we are in the digital age, the business-to-business model is not sufficient and we need an additional model of the business-to-customer model to engage more customers through online channels.

IT Organizations should focus on optimization for consumers. In order to provide consumer optimization, IT companies should address the consumer objectives, business requirements, and understanding of the situation. IT firms must optimize time through shifts ensuring optimal use of resources and delivering benefits to the customers from the services.

Overcoming Tsunami in IT Optimization by ITSM

If you want to overcome the Tsunami waves in IT Optimization, just adopt the best ITSM framework, which leads to consumer optimization.

Following are a few tips that ITSM helps you in consumer optimization:

  • Robust management process
  • Adequate Knowledge Management
  • Reports on Consumer-centric measures
  • Efficient service desk across different channels

The best ITSM will be a key enabler for consumer optimization. For IT organizations being more dynamic and agile, well-defined standard ITSM will overcome Tsunami waves in IT Optimization.




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