What is Alt Text Writing?

 What is Alt Text Writing?

Alt Text Writing:

Alt Text consists of content or text associated with non-text information that allows access to physically challenged users by using screen reading software such as JAWS. Alt Text Writing is characterized by a simple formula What You See is What You Write [WYSIWYW]. Alt text is different from that of the figure caption. Non-text elements in a website must have alt text to assist physically challenged people.  All the electronic materials including websites, ebooks must have alt text for describing non-text elements. 


The scope of alt text writing expands extensively enhancing demands for writers. Prerequisites of alt text writing include as follows:

  1. Basic Grammar rules
  2. Precise Language to produce unique contents
  3. Good Quality without errors such as typos, grammar
  4. Knowledge of Different English Styles [US/UK]
  5. Keen Research Skills on a specific topic
  6. Knowledge of Keywords and Text Research
  7. Interpretation of Image with context

Standard behind Alt Text Writing

Section 508 is the Accessibility Standard for Rehabilitation defined by the US Government to ensure that all US Government Websites are accessed by people with disabilities. As per the guidelines in Section 508, all electronic and information technology should be accessible to disabled users.

Complexity in Alt Text Writing

The complexity of Writing images differs in images based on the subject or context and types of images. for writers include different types such as pictures, graphs, flowcharts, infographics such as charts, and texts. Based on the complexity, technical knowledge, time for writing, the alt texts of images are categorized as simple, moderate, and complex types. Images are considered as decorative wherever alt text is not necessary such as photo, icons, and all others.



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