Four Different Ways How Instagram Is Being Used In Social Marketing

 Four Different Ways How Instagram Is Being Used In Social Marketing

As per the recent trends, it can be said that the use of images is much more helpful than text contents for online marketing purpose. Of course, there are a number of applications for posting images and getting noticed. But one of such application that has lately become quite famous is Instagram.

Not just for personal posting of images, the application is now also being used by a number of SEO experts and business owners in increasing the reputation of the business. There are a number of ways how Instagram is being used in social marketing.

#1 No Text, Only Attractive Images

When you are posting a text content, you need to be sure of a number of things such as plagiarism, readability of the content, errors and also the attractiveness of the text. This is one of the most obvious reasons that many of the text promotions may fail and hence it may take some good time for a company to gain reputation. This is not the same in case of images. Instagram is all about only images and hence posting lots of images can help you attract a large number of audiences.

#2 Creation Of Story

Who says that you can only tell a story by using words and letters? Many of the experts of SEO suggest Instagram for creating a picture story. Instagram will allow you to create such events and narrate a story using images on the profile. The application offers a number of collage options that can help you in creating an album or for narrating a story with the images that you have. Slideshow option has been recently integrated with the application that offers better story-telling feature.

#3 Edit Your Images

People will not get attracted to any image that you post. They will get attracted to something that is unique and much higher than the expectations. Now it is not necessary that everyone has that professional hand over photography and hence it is not necessary that everyone is going to capture the moments interestingly. To provide help in this context, the application offers a number of filters that can be used over the images. Users use these filters to transform the simple looking images into something dramatic. Of course, such images can attract a good number of viewers.

#4 Using The Reward Trick

One of the most common tricks that people are using at Instagram is the reward trick. You can advertise about some rewards such as a discount coupon or something on following your profile. Such tricks have attracted a number of viewers each time and hence Instagram is one of the greatest hits among various SEO experts. Even the application offers a great option for conducting contests and polls, based on which customers can gain rewards.

No doubt Facebook is one of the social sites that are always a favorite for social marketing. But now Instagram is offering features that are effortless and also can attract more viewers towards it. This is the reason many of the SEO experts are advising the use of Instagram to their clients and also many of the companies are starting up with Instagram recently.



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